Get your FREE Guide to Church Background Checks

Get your FREE guide to Church Background Checks from Church Law & Tax  and the ‘Shepherd’s Watch’ –

In your Ministry, all it takes is ONE breach in safety and you can have lifelong consequences. So, having safety precautions in place – including background checks and reference checks – are no longer an option but a necessity to protect your Ministry and your congregation’s family.

This FREE church background guide from Church Law & Tax and the ‘Shepherd’s Watch’ addresses several issues:

1 – Helps you to design a screening policy for your team

2 – Identifies your liability in the event an incident occurs

3 – Outlines steps for getting stated with back and reference checks

4 – Tells you how to find reputable background check providers

So, just click here –  free church background check guide – to get your FREE Guide

You can learn more about affordable and thorough background checks for organizations from ‘Shepherd’s Watch’ – Shop Background Check Packages

IF your Church Insurance Program does not offer Sexual Misconduct Insurance coverage, contact our Agency. We can offer this coverage in a ‘stand alone policy’ or redesign your Church Insurance Package to include this vital coverage through some of our nationally recognized Church Insurance companies.