Partner Affinity Program

Partner Affinity Program

Mel Himes & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc (MHAIA) has developed a “Partner Affinity Program” to assist Associations, Groups and Churches. This Program benefits the Association, Group or Church organization in a financial manner. The Program works as follows:

  • Organization sponsors a FREE Insurance – Financial Seminar for its membership.The FREE Seminar is held at the Organization’s facilities, Zoom, Skype or Team Viewer via the internet.
  • MHAIA and Organization coordinate the time and date of the Seminar.
  • Notification is sent to or given to the membership by the Organization encouraging members to attend the FREE seminar.
  • FREE Seminar is informative and educational in content. Seminar allows members to ask questions concerning their Insurance & Financial needs.
  • All members are ‘encouraged’ to allow MHAIA to review their Insurance and Retirement Programs in a ‘private’ appointment.
  • MHAIA will recommend Insurance and Retirement Programs that meet the needs of the individual member.
  • When members accept an Insurance – Retirement proposal from MHAIA the “Partner Affinity Program” is formed for that local Organization. 
  • The Organization will receive an annual donation/grant from MHAIA based upon the proceeds received by MHAIA on the eligible in force Insurance – Retirement Programs issued on members of the Organization for that year.
  • FREE Seminars can be conducted annually if the Organization desires to encourage members to participate in the “Partner Program”. 

The Donation to the Organization can be used for a ‘Special Project’- building program, mission program, seminars, scholarships, youth program education, etc 

The Organization will complete a “Partner Affinity Program” grant form annually requesting the grant. The grant will be sent in the name of the Organization. 


If total of ALL annual premiums generated in the ‘Partner Program’ are $300,000, and total revenue received by MHAIA on these premiums is $45,000, then Organization will receive a donation of $4,500.

MHAIA will adhere to all Federal and State Laws regarding Privacy and Insurance Laws. Information concerning policy terms will not be disclosed to the Organization.