Integrity Church & School Property Insurance Program

What is It?
The Integrity Church & School Services Program began in 2018 to meet a need for providing Property Insurance for Churches and Schools and other Non-Profits in the state of Florida. The Program is based on a Master Insurance Policy concept which is an insurance contract issued to a policyholder that combines what would have been several separate policies into one. Instead of issuing a separate policy for each location or operation, a master policy combines them all into one policy.

Master policies can also be used to include coverage for other parties that the insured has voluntarily agreed to insure under the policy. Holders of master policies can issue certificates of insurance for other insureds under the policy that they can use as evidence of coverage. Another situation that calls for the use of a master policy would be to unify coverage for several business locations or properties being insured under one policy. It is very common for businesses with multiple locations to get a master policy listing all locations instead of arranging separate insurance for each.

By bundling the insurance under one policy and one insurer, you are simplifying administration (ie. instead of dealing with multiple policies that expire at different times) and can likely get some savings by placing larger volumes with the same insurer. Homeowners or property investors also use this to insure multiple properties in their portfolio.
Another very popular use case for master policies is with large groups of businesses with many different operations and locations. The complexity of these businesses mean that they are hard to insure under a typical standalone policy as they are not designed for this purpose. But trying to administer multiple standalone policies is hard. The solution is to opt for a master policy to ensure you have comprehensive coverage at a reasonable rate while enjoying the efficiencies of dealing with fewer policies.

Are the property insurers Admitted or Non Admitted?
The property carriers are Non‐Admitted but approved by the State of Florida and carry an A (Excellent) rating by AM Best and are amongst the largest property insurers in the U.S. and the world.

What TYPES of Churches can be insured?
The program can insure the following types of non-profits:

Churches, Synagogues, Private Schools, Church Daycare, Religious Camps, and National & International Ministries.

Do you require the liability lines of coverage?
While we can offer all lines of coverage and are very competitive in doing so, we can quote the property insurance on a ‘stand-alone’ basis through the program.

Coverage Description
Primary Policy Any One Occurrence Limit $15,000,000
All Risk Coverage INCLUDING Wind/Hail Coverage
Replacement Cost
Debris Removal
Electronic Data
Equipment Breakdown
Loss of Income Sanctuary
Fire Department Service Charge
Increase Cost of Construction
Fungus, Molds, Mildew
Accounts Receivable
Backup of Sewers and Drains
Builders Risk
Fine Arts
Leased/Rented Equipment
Lock Replacement
Outdoor Property
Personal Property of Others
Sidewalks, Paved Surfaces, Roadways
Valuable Papers/Records
Extra Expense
Underground Pipes, Flues, Drains
*See Policy for details and limits

Coverage Description
Deductibles – All Other Perils $10,000
Wind/Hail – 5% of total insurable value
Minimum Deductibles will apply per Occurrence for the Master Policy Program


Where Is Coverage Available
All Areas of Florida – Including the Florida Wind/Pool Area

What Criteria is Considered?
Crime Area
Up-Keep of Property
Up-Dates to Roof, Electric, A/C, Plumbing
Losses in last Five (5) Years

How To Apply
Call our office to talk to one of our Agents.
You will be asked to Email or Fax Copies of current Policy Declaration Pages to our office.
Provide Up-Dates of All Building – roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.
Call Current Agent to Request Loss Runs and email or fax to our office.