Golf Cart Coverage - Do I need it?

I recently personally attended an Insurance CE Class on Golf Cart Liability Insurance. I have been in the Insurance Industry for almost 50 years, and owning a Golf Cart myself for personal use, I want to bring to your attention the need for Golf Cart coverage in our world today.

If you own any type of a golf cart, it is a good idea to buy golf cart insurance coverage. If you live in a ‘gated community’ or have a Homeowners Association, or use it own a public or private golf course, it may be required.  Whether you need it or not, it depends on where you ride, and how you use your golf cart–like a riding mower, car or ATV.

Insurance requirements, coverage, limits and cost differ by how the golf cart is used. Physical damage coverage may be needed – especially if you have spent $50,000 on a ‘specialized golf cart’ – yes they do exist – I couldn’t believe it either! People may ask, “Does my golf cart need its own policy?” Well, your homeowners policy might be fine for basic use and coverage, but a special golf cart insurance policy may be recommended for anything beyond that.

Folks, adding a golf cart endorsement to your homeowners insurance is the cheapest coverage – as low as $50 a year. Buying a standalone golf cart policy may run about $12 a month if you drive it to and from the golf course or in a golf course/retirement community. Buying a policy for a speed-modified golf cart requires a special golf cart or even an auto policy, which can run between $400 and $1,000 per year, depending on your driving record and other factors.

IF you own a Golf Cart and want to find out IF you need additional coverage on your Homeowners Policy or need a Stand Alone Policy, contact our Agency. We will be happy to help you in this area. Call us at 386-574-3030.