GuideOne Ministry Safe 'FREE' Webinar

GuideOne is  hosting a free webinar with MinistrySafe/AbusePrevention Systems on Tue, April 27 at 1:30p CT / 2:30p ET. WE want to share this information with you so you may register for this valuable webinar.

In addition to sharing key takeaways, free one-year memberships for the MinistrySafe/Abuse Prevention Systems Dashboard will be given to five current GuideOne Insurance policyholders who attend the webinar.

Learn more about the webinar and sign up 👉

MinistrySafe has 60 years of combined experience in sexual abuse litigation, consultation and crisis management.  It has tailored, preventative measures created by legal professionals who are experts in sexual abuse legal matters. MinistrySafe is more than a series of training videos-it’s a comprehensive management system that allows organizations to assign and track training to various employees, volunteers, and groups.

  • Take a few minutes to watch the system demo video HERE – click on CONTROL PANEL WALKTHROUGH. It provides a great overview of how organizations can utilize the management system, and provides a foundational context for how MinistrySafe works.
  • GuideOne Pricing is as follows:
    • $250 annual fee for access to the management system ($100 off the regular price of $250 for the FIRST YEAR)
    • $5/person for 1.5 hour Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
    • $50/person for 2.5 hour Skillful Screening Training
    • $150/person for 15 hour in-depth MinistrySafe Institute
    • Background checks billed per search (MinistrySafe provides 7 levels of background screening options)
    • Visit the MinistrySafe website for details on the Membership pricing options that would apply to GuideOne policyholders.
  • MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems are the same company – MinistrySafe is geared toward churches, and Abuse Prevention Systems is geared toward nonprofit organizations.