StormPeace Hurricane Coverage

Mel Himes & Associates Insurance Agency is now offering a unique ‘Hurricane Coverage Policy’ for immediate cash payout.                                                                                                                                  This policy is available for your residence, commercial and even your Church buildings.

When a hurricane hits, you’ll need money right away to get back on your feet—often thousands
of dollars. StormPeace will help you pay your insurance deductibles, evacuation expenses or
other losses not covered by windstorm insurance. StormPeace automatically pays you when a
named hurricane hits your location. The stronger the hurricane, the greater the payment.
Getting a policy is simple. There’s no deductible and the claims process is easy. Money is
transferred to your bank account within days after the hurricane. Here is some information for your review of this unique Policy.

What is StormPeace?

StormPeace is a new type of insurance that provides you with quick cash whenever a hurricane hits your
location—The stronger the hurricane, the higher the payment. Your payment is determined by intensity of a
hurricane event and its proximity to your location. We will notify you when you are eligible for a payment. You
attest to confirm damages incurred and payment will automatically be sent to your bank account within few
business days after we receive your attestation.

How is StormPeace different than other insurance?

In traditional insurance, you file a claim for losses you have incurred, and get paid a negotiated settlement
amount following an investigation of damages by an adjuster. It could take weeks to months before you get a
payment. StormPeace doesn’t assess your damages—It pays you whenever you are hit by a hurricane. No claims
adjusters, no negotiations. Full transparency when you purchase the policy. We notify you of your eligibility, and on
acceptance you get paid immediately. You could receive your payment within days after hurricane ends. You will
need to provide proof of loss. StormPeace has no deductible – we pay you from the first dollar.

Do I need StormPeace if I already have windstorm insurance?

Yes! Even with windstorm insurance, a hurricane can cost you thousands of dollars. Your windstorm
deductible alone may be thousands of dollars. Add in uncovered losses, evacuation expenses and you can
easily see why you may need additional protection in the event of a hurricane.

How much will StormPeace pay me when a hurricane hits?

StormPeace payout depends on the strength of the hurricane and how close it comes to your location. For
example, if you chose a policy limit of $5,000 and a Category 5 hurricane passes by your location within 15
miles, you would receive a full payout of $5,000. If however, a Category 3 passed by your location within 15
miles, then you would receive a payout of $3,500. The payout is proportional to the policy limit that you
choose at the time of purchasing the policy. Contact your StormPeace agent to get an accurate quote for
your exact location of insurable interest.

What if I’m hit by more than one hurricane in a season?

StormPeace will pay every time you are hit by a hurricane during the term of the policy.
However, the maximum total payment during a policy term is policy limit you choose, at the time of purchase.

How long will it take to receive my payment?

StormPeace will notify you if you are eligible for a payment and ask you for an attestation to confirm your
losses. You should receive your payment within few business days after we receive your attestation.

How do I submit a claim for a payment?

There’s no need to submit a claim. StormPeace automatically tracks the hurricane, calculates the payment
due, and notifies you of your eligibility.

What if I don’t experience any damage? Do I still get paid?

StormPeace covers you for losses that arise directly from a named hurricane. It is designed to pay you within
days after you incur damages, in order to help you rebuild fast. You will be required to submit proof of loss
when requested. If you have not incurred any damage, you will not be eligible for the payouts.

What if my damages are greater than the payment from StormPeace?

StormPeace is designed to help you with incidental expenses associated with a hurricane and is not a
substitute for other forms of windstorm coverage. You should work with your insurance agent to ensure you
have adequate insurance to cover all your potential losses from a hurricane or other wind/hail losses.

How can I see if I am due a StormPeace payment?

StormPeace tracks hurricanes to determine your eligibility to the automatic payment. You will be notified by
email of your eligibility and claim amount. As a policyholder, you can additionally log into, and view and track status of an eligibility and your settlement.

How can I use a StormPeace payment?

You can use StormPeace payment to pay for any loss or expense caused directly by the hurricane. This may
include temporary living expenses, replacing spoiled food, repairing damage, and debris removal, among
other things.

How do I buy a StormPeace plan?

StormPeace is currently available from select insurance agents in the State of Florida currently. Contact Mel Himes & Associates Insurance Agency                                                                                        at 386-574-3030 for a quote.

How much does StormPeace cost?

The cost of StormPeace varies depending on the hurricane risk for your location. A licensed
StormPeace agent will be able to provide you with a quote.

What is the maximum limit I can Buy for StormPeace?

$60,000 if you do not have windstorm insurance. If you do have windstorm insurance, than the maximum
limit is $60,000 or your windstorm deductible amount, whichever is lower.

How long does a StormPeace Policy last?

StormPeace plans have a term of one year from the policy start date.

Can I cancel my StormPeace Plan?

StormPeace plans have a term of one year and may not be canceled during this term.

Can I pay for my StormPeace plan in monthly installments?


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